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Template suggestions for Drupal 7 - theme_hook_suggestions

I decided to take some time to figure out how template suggestions work in Drupal 7 being that the release date is getting very close. At the time of this writing Drupal 7 is in RC 4, but they are saying that it will be released officially on January 5th of 2011. I have been working with 7 for a few weeks and finally decided to see if I could get the template suggestions to work. A few things have changed, but they are not that much different from the way they worked in 6. The first difference is that 7 uses a double "-" for its templates by default.

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Creating Drupal Template Suggestions

Chances are that you have wanted to create a new template as you work on your Drupal sites. Perhaps the blog page needs to have some markup that varies from your typical page.tpl.php template. Adding some lines of code to the template.php file inside the theme you are using can help you achieve this. By default Drupal will look for templates that match the name of a content type. For example, if you created a template called node-blog.tpl.php, Drupal would recognize it and load it on pages that contained blog content.

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